The Features

Did you ever have to typewrite a text from an image? Maybe someone sent you an e-mail with a scanned document and now you have to retype every single sentence. With picatext you can get rid of that! Just choose your image or select a region on the screen and picatext will do the rest for you.

OCR made simple

We think that OCR technology should be easy accessible for everyone.

picatext is lightweight - and slim

We think that tools should be simple and clear. No needless distractions. Just the things you need.

Tips & Tricks

OCR systems can save you a lot of time, but sometimes they don't function perfectly. To improve your productivity and get the most out of picatext here are some tips which you should take into account.

Stop typing. Start copying.

About us

We are a team of young and enthusiastic software developers. We love to develop software. But one of the best things about that is to create something easy to use that makes life easier. The result? A first step for us in Mac OS X development - and hopefully an awesome tool for you that simplifies your life!

Marcel Medak Developer

Marcus Seel Developer

Barbara Hönle Developer

Lars Dierolf Interface Designer